About myself

  • The page is about my projects or interestings. Including OpenGL/OpenCV/Web etc.
  • The page is made with AngularJS/RequireJS/Bootstrap-Material-Design...

Augmetned Reality:Natural Image detection and tracking.

Testing videos about AR. All versions are only based on the OpenCV framework without commerial SDKs.

  • Left-up : The mobile-ar-project transplanted from takmin's desktop-ar-project.(detection SLOW/with Accumulated errors) detection 80ms/tracking 40ms, open sourced below.
  • Middle-up : The detection and tracking sample for current company.(FAST-detection/Tracking accurate-pose) future work: robust pose with fast-moving/robust detection&tracking with small-scale) Currently with only single-thread-implemention, the speed is detection 10ms/tracking 10ms on iPhone5C, which cost 1ms on iMac.
  • Right-up : multi-detection & tracking test.
  • Left-down : tracking sample based on Linear Predictor Learning: Very Fast tracking speed,robust on blur. (pose&light-change-invariant need to be improved)
  • The detection/tracking/GLES render(also with skeleton animation) are developed with OpenCV as dependency only, which means the ar code can be tranplanted to any platform.
mobile-AR upon takmin's project(source opend).
The detection and tracking sample in development.
Multiple detection and tracking sample in development.

The Linear Predictor tracking implemention sample.

ImageServe : nodejs-site-image-management

Image show and policy processing.

  • Image Upload/Remove(use md5 check to avoid same content duplicated
  • Image Policy: Thumbnail/WaterMark/Render From HTML
  • Client-side:bootstrap:aceadmin AngularJS RequireJS
  • Server-side:NodeJS Express MongoDB ImageMagick PhantomJS
VISIT Android

Notes : meteor knowledge managment

Meteor full-stack-development Based

  • Notes Management,Login,Filter,ClientSide-Routing,Pagination,Export ...
  • Styles:Bootstrap(material-design) MarkDown Code-prettify
  • Web-cache:CSS/HTML/JS/DB Can be used offline and auto sync
  • Meteor ClientSide development.
VISIT Android WP8 Github

3D XueWei : android/win c++ xuewei 3d show

3D Show and description for 14 JINGLUO and 361 Xuewei。

  • 3D Human body. Joint-lines between neighbor Xuewei
  • JingLuo classified by Color
  • 3D Move/Rotate/Scale, MultiPoint Touch
  • Description on Xuewei Click
WIN Android Github

Web3D : webgl,canvas,three.js,css3

web3d demos

  • three.js based webgl/canvas Scene
  • webgl -> openCL API implement demo
  • parse blender to json => HTML5 web Display
  • canvas pieces,photosnyth
  • css3 html 3d animation

M-GLEngine : c++ opengl/dx11 android/win simple render

OpenGL Simple Render. Support android/win

  • Simple Render: ES1.1 / ES2.0 / ES3.0 / DX11 : Multiple implemention
  • Animation: Linear Interpolation / Play Controller.
  • Window: GLUT / WindowsAPI / Android GLSurfaceView Based
  • Model:3ds(Model and Animation) / PLY / Blender supported
  • Image : bmp,jpg(stb based)/ png (libpng)/ttf (freetype)
  • Scene:Multiple test scenes. font/element/terrain/animation/blender etc
  • Android:GLSurfaceView/Render modules